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Malty Goodness Brown Ale

​The original goal of this beer was to create a nice robust porter. When it was being developed I only had limited roasted malts on hand so I made due with what was available. I believe this lead to one peculiarity of this beer which was when it was ready to be sampled, it turned out much smoother than was expected. Having a darker color reminiscent of some stouts, but the smoothness of a lighter ale, this is what gave Malty Goodness its unique quality. It was also found that the yeast contributed some nice flavor notes to the beer such as a cherry or light banana aroma.

Color: 16.1

Bitterness (IBU): 27.0

ABV: 5.6%

Mosaic Pale Ale

​The idea behind the creation of this beer was to create something with bite, although not so hoppy that it would scare most people away from it. I wanted to highlight the beautiful citrus note found in Mosaic hops, with a nice lingering bitterness at the back of the palate. By being around 45 IBUs finished, it wouldn’t be too intimidating and would allow some people who are new to craft beers to have a hop-oriented beer that is a bit tamed.

Color: 8.3

Bitterness (IBU): 44.0

ABV: 5.7%